MONITORS AND MANAGES YOUR FACILITIES PERSONALISES YOUR ENTERTAINMENT OFFERING APP CONNECTIVITY With the Smart Focus open code system, integration with other gym management applications is simpler than ever.


Thanks to the Central Station platform, the designated manager will have access to all the real-time information on the situation of your gym(s). Situation of the machines, times of use, possible connection errors or faults are just some of the data that you can access from any device at any time.

Data Gathering


The information is gathered and shown with various levels of details, from an overview of the room, to each piece of equipment. Thus, you can know the hours of peak use of the room, the efficiency of the energy consumption (hours switched on vs. hours of use) or the total use of every machine.


Using this data you can take corrective measures or make improvements, such as changing the layout of the machines to avoid overuse of some equipment or the location in the room of promotional messages, making them much more effective, making use of the information the system provides on the user flows within the room.
Report System


The system automatically sends reports, externally proposing different decisions that the manager can later decide to implement or not. With the data supplied by Central Station, maintenance and problem solving in the gym is optimised. The main screen shows in real time if one of the machines has disconnected from the internet or needs maintenance, without having to wait until the problem is reported by users or technicians, or until the scheduled maintenance.


The improvement in the efficacy of incident resolution is significant. Depending on the maintenance commitments acquired between the parties, the system can send a message to both the customer and the BH technical service to notify of any problem that has arisen in the machine. This communication between machines, together with a capillarity of human resources like that of BH Fitness, may mean that incidents are resolved without the customer even realising.