Home and Office Exercise TR5000-DT7+ Treadmill & Workplace Desk Bike Duo Package

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Introducing the TR5000-DT7+ Treadmill and Workplace Desk Bike Duo Package

Workspace Duo Bike and Table - A new way of working

Seated working and endless staff meetings are pretty outdated by now. But how can you change your rusty way of working? With the LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Duo. This innovative workplace product consists of a table with a sturdy frame and two (Solo) desk bikes attached to it. This way you can work, have meetings and consult with colleagues, classmates or fellow students while you're cycling. This keeps you active while working. Moving while working is healthy and increases your productivity. It also helps you to better reflect on things and boosts your creativity. Research shows that a moving meeting in a small group is more effective than 'traditional' meetings because it makes you more productive and creative. Being seated all the time makes you lazy and makes your thoughts wandering off easier. Movement keeps you on edge and because it takes more effort you can't keep it up as long as a seated meeting. Your meetings will get a lot shorter and therefore more effective. This stimulates your vitality and stamina and reduces your level of stress.

TR5000-DT7+ treadmill

LifeSpan TR5000-DT7+ treadmill with electronically height adjustable desk. Quiet treadmill with a charcoal or silver fram and gray desk from 96.5 to 182.8 cm. Stay in shape while working in the office and / or at home with the LifeSpan Treadmill Desk!

The TR5000-DT7+ Treadmill and Workplace Duo Bike Desk package is perfect for those who work from home or spend a lot of time in the office. This package allows you to get your workout in while you work or during a break, making it easier to stay healthy and active throughout the day.

The TR5000-DT7+ Treadmill boasts a spacious walking belt and an adjustable height desktop with whisper-quiet operation. The Bike features magnetic resistance, adjustable seat height, and a compact design, making it easy to incorporate into your work space.

Combing the TR5000-DT7+ Treadmill and Workplace Duo Bike Desk into your workspace provides a varied and elevated way of keeping fit without having to leave your home or office. Both machines allow you to change up your routine and challenge your body, preventing stagnancy and boredom in your workout routine. The adjustable-height desktop of the treadmill encourages both standing and walking, while the bike’s compact design fits in tight spaces and can even be stored under a desk when not in use.

Use these machines while you work or during a break in your day to help increase your activity level and maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, regular exercise has been shown to increase mental focus, improve mood, and promote overall wellness.

The TR5000-DT7+ Treadmill and Workplace Duo Bike Desk package provides everything you need to stay fit and healthy while you work. They are easy to use, convenient, and seamlessly blend into any workspace with their sleek design. Get ready to see the difference a healthy lifestyle can make in your work productivity and overall wellbeing.

Working comfortable

As important as moving while working is optimal comfort during working. The desk bikes have a large contoured seat that has been designed to equally balance your weight. They also come with a comfy backrest which prevents you from being seated slumped down and getting backache. The seat is manually adjustable in height within 17 cm and 11 positions and suits users ranging from 146 to 201 cm. The pedals are oversized and almost 23 cm long, making them supporting the most part of your feet and suitable for nearly every shoe type and size. This makes peddling is very comfortable. The pedals have been placed a bit more forward as with a traditional hometrainer. Because of this you don't have to bend your knees far and your feet and the rest of your lower body are placed in a comfortable and natural position, which resembles working in an office chair behind an office desk. This makes for optimal, ergonomisch and comfortable working conditions.

Ideally suitable at the office or at your workplace at home
The desktop is made of durable laminate and has a diameter of 106 cm. So it's spacy enough for both your stuff as that of your colleagues, classmates or fellow students. The Duo Desk Bike has a maximum user weight of no less than 181 kg and weighs in at 80 kg. Yet it's easily movable thanks to the four transport wheels. You don't even have to lift it but can simply push it aside. The Bike Desk Duo is equipped with a power-free operation and doesn't have to be placed close to a power socket. Because of this you're very flexible in where you want to place it.

Get a more active, more productive and more healthy way of working with the LifeSpan Workplace Bike Desk Duo!

Workplace Duo Bike & Desk

Recommended use - All-day, double occupancy
Dimensions - L 215 x B 106 x H 104 cm
Dimensions console - N/A
Seat - Ergonomic, Waterfall-Design Seat With Backrest
Seat adjustment - 17,8 cm (11 positions) suiting users ranging from - 146 to 201 cm
Resistance system - Non-Adjustable Eddy Current Brake System
Flywheel - 8,1 kg
Pedals - Oversized; Bi-Directional (Forward/Backward Pedaling)
Transport - 4 Mounted Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility
Power requirements - Power-Free Operation
Max. user weight - 181 kg
Assembly - No assembly needed
Barcode - 8785255858843
Shipping Dimensions - Single box: L 129 x B 71 x H 129 cm
Product weight - 80 kg
Desktop size - Diameter: 106 cm
Desktop color - White
Desktop materials - Durable laminate
Frame color - Charcoal
Frame materials - Steel

TR5000-DT7 Omni

Recommended use - All-Day, Shared Use
Dimensions treadmill - 160 cm L x 72,4 cm B x 18,4 cm H
Dimensions console - N/A
Step up height - 12 cm
Belt type - Maintenance-free Habasit
Belt size - 0,64 km/h - 6,4 km/h
Marked belt - No
Drive motor - Whisper-quiet 3 HP Continuous Duty Motor
Speed - 0.4 - 4.0 MPH
Incline - Not Available: Walking at an incline while working is not recommended by ergonomists as it takes your body out of a neutral position and places strain on your back and joints
Deck suspension - 6 Independent Compression Shocks
Deck - 1,9 cm
Side rails - Black Anodized-Aluminum
Transport - 2 front-mounted wheels
Max. user weight - 181 kg
Average amp. Draw - 2.45 Amps
Assembly - No assembly is required for the treadmill, but the desk does require assembly
Shipping Dimensions 3 boxes
Box 1 - 170 cm L x 76 cm W x 22 cm H
Box 2 - 96 cm L x 27 cm B x 30 cm H
Box 3 - 104 cm/127 cm L x 83 cm W x 7,62 cm H
Product weight - Treadmill: 54 kg and desk: 14,3 kg, 17,6 kg, 22,2 kg or 27 kg. Frame: 40 kg


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